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Sécurité et Accès aux médicaments essentiels et aux vaccins
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Présentation Orale
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Prevalence and beta-lactam resistance profile of Enterobacteria isolated from urine in children consulting at the national social welfare Hospital of Yaounde
Auteurs :

Blandine KAMPA1, Estelle GOUANWOU1, Anselme METOUDOU1, Celine NKENFOU2




1catholic university of central Africa, school of health sciences; 2circb, University of Yaounde I

Corresponding authors :
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CaHReF 2018, Yaoundé Congres hall, 08 – 11 January 2019 , OSME053

Abstract :

Background: In pediatrics, urinary tract infections are the most common infections in children. For this, antibiotics belonging to the beta-lactam family are the most used to treat these urinary tract infections. On the other hand increase of resistance of bacteria to these antibiotics is been observed.

Objectif: To determine the prevalence and profile of resistance to beta-lactam of bacteria isolated from infants consulting with urinary tract infection.

Methodology: We conducted a cross-sectional and prospective study on 120 children aged 1 month to 15 years with signs of urinary tract infection. The collected urine was analyzed using microscopic techniques. The culture was carried out on the CLED medium. Antibiotic susceptibility of isolated bacteria was performed according to the recommendations given in 2016 by the CA-SFM.

Results: Of the 120 children enrolled at the national social welfare Hospital of Yaounde, 6 (5%) had significant bacteriuria and leukocyturia. Of these 6 children, 5 were identified with Enterobacteria: 2 infected with Escherichia coli, 2 infected with Klebsiella pneumonieae and 1 infected with Proteus mirabilis. All strains were resistant to cefuroxin, 80% to penicillins, while Proteus mirabilis was sensitive to all the molecules tested. The extended spectrum beta-lactamase phenotype was observed in two cases.

Conclusion/Recommandation: It is therefore important to monitor antibiotic resistance in our context and in particular those caused by ESBL.

Key Words: Antibiotics, Resistance, Pediatrics, Betalactam, Enterobacteria