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Driver-Related Factors and Road Traffic Crashes among Commercial Bus Drivers of Yaounde-Douala Highway, Cameroon
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1Recherche-Santé et Développement, Cameroun 

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CaHReF 2018, Yaoundé Congres hall, 08 – 11 January 2019 , ERF008

Abstract :

Background: Road Traffic Crashes (RTCs), are a major public health concern with commercial bus drivers contributing significantly in terms of morbidity and mortality.

Objectif: Assess relations between bus driver related factors and the risk of road traffic crashes on Yaoundé-Douala highway of Cameroon.

Methodology: A cross-sectional analytic study was conducted on 201 sampled bus drivers of Yaounde-Douala highway. Face to face interviews were done by well-trained researchers based on a questionnaire covering socio-demographic information, driver behaviour, visual acuity and accident history. Data were analyzed using fisher exact and chi-square test. Binary logistic regression analysis was also conducted. A level of <0.05 was considered as the cut-off value for significance.

Results: The age range of the drivers was 29-72 years and the study revealed that 47% of them have at least once been involved in RTCs within the past two years. All the drivers were males. More than half (57.4%) of the drivers with RTC involvement did not do an eye test before obtaining their driver's license. A high proportion (52.1%) of bus drivers with history of RTCs reported less than eight hours of sleep per night and 71.3% of drivers with RTC history had a high chance of dozing. Almost half (48.9%) of the drivers who reported accident involvement had

Conclusion/Recommandation: The study findings revealed a high risk of RTCs among bus drivers of Yaoundé-Douala highway. Regular examination of drivers' eyes is recommended. Also, laws regarding the use of telephone while driving and the regulation of working hours should be strictly enforced. In addition, sufficient rest should be imposed on the drivers prior to driving.

Key Words: Road Traffic Crashes, Commercial bus drivers,