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Targeting of protein antigens to dendritic cells usinganti-DEC-205 single chain antibodies improves HIV Gag specificCD4+ Tcell responses protecting airway challenge withvaccinia-gag virus
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1University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon

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CaHReF 2018, Yaoundé Congres hall, 08 – 11 January 2019 , OAU018

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Background: Targeting antigens to dendritic cells (DCs) in vivo via aDC-restricted endocytic receptor, DEC205, has been validated to enhance immunity in several vaccine platforms. Particularly atttractive is selected delivery of proteins to DCs in vivo because it enables proteins to be more immunogenic and provides a cheaper and effective way for

Objectif: Targeting of protein antigens to Dendritic cells usinganti-DEC-205 single chain antibody

Methodology: In this study, we tested the efficacy of a single chain antibody to DEC205 (scDEC) to deliver protein antigens selectively to DCs in vivo and to induce protective immunity.

Results : In comparison to soluble Ovalbumin (OVA) antigen, when recombinant scDEC:OVA protein was injected subcutaneously (s.c.) into mice, the OVA protein was selectively presented by DCs to both TCR transgenic CD8þ and CD4þ T cells approximately 500 and 100 times more efficient than soluble OVA, respectively,and could persist for seven days following s.c. injection of the scDEC205:OVA. Similarly selective targeting of HIV Gag P24 to DCs in vivo using scDEC-Gag protein plus polyICLC vaccine resulted in strong, long lasting, polyfuntional CD4þ T cells in mice which were protective against airway challenge by a recombinant vaccinia-gag virus.

Conclusion/Recommandation: Thus targeting protein antigens to DCs using scDEC can be usedeither alone or in combination with other strategies for effective immunization.

Key Words: Antigens, dendritic cells, immunization