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Surveillance épidémiologique et prévention des maladies infectieuse
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Présentation Orale
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Filaria specific Antibody response profiling in plasma from anti-retroviral naïve Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV-1 infected people
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Ghislain Donald NJAMBE PRISO1



1University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon.

Corresponding authors :
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CaHReF 2018, Yaoundé Congres hall, 08 – 11 January 2019 , OAU017

Abstract :

Background: In West and Central Africa areas of endemic Loa loa infections overlap with regions of high prevalence of the Human Immunodeficiency virus type 1(HIV-1) infections. Here because people are exposed to filarial parasites from birth, most HIV-1 infected people as a consequence invariably also have a history of filarial parasite

Objectif : we have assessed in plasma from asymptomatic anti-retroviral naïve Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV-1 infected people the filarial antibody responses specific Wbgp29-BmR1-BmM14-WbSXP.

Methodology: The antibody responses specific to a filariasis composite antigen consisting of Wbgp29-BmR1-BmM14-WbSXP was determined by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in plasma from ARV naïve Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV infected participants. In addition the filarial antigen specific IgG antibody subclass profiles were also determined for both HIV-1 positive and negative people.

Results: Both Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV-1 positive and negative individuals showed significantly higher plasma levels of IgG1 (<0.0001), IgG2 (<0.0001) and IgM (<0.0001) relative to amicrofilaraemic participants. A significant increase in IgE (<0.0001) was observed exclusively in Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV-1 infected people. In contrast there was a significant reduction in the level of IgG4 (<0.0001) and IgG3 (<0.0001) in Loa loa microfilaraemic HIV-1 infected individuals.

Conclusion/Recommandation : Thus Loa loa microfilaraemia in ARV naïve HIV-1 infected people through differential reduction of plasma levels of  filarial antigen specific IgG3, IgG4 and a significant increase in plasma levels of filarial antigen specific IgE could diminish Loa loa mediated immune-regulation. This in effect can result to increase loaisis mediated immunopathology in antiretroviral naive HIV-1 infected people.

Key Words:HIV-1, Loa loa, microfilaraemia,